Mar 8, 2022Liked by Greg PRUDHOMMEAUX

about Blue Bottle finally opening stores in China (Mainland), it will probably go as the saying "too little, too late". Based on the comments that Chinese users are leaving on Blue Bottle's 1st store in DaZhongDianPin οΌˆε€§δΌ—η‚Ήθ―„οΌ‰, many reviews are bad reviews, complaining about: the service, the prices (it makes Starbucks look cheap!), the quality & quantity of their coffees, the long waiting queues, etc. Only few comments are positive ones (which is strange for a company that is most likely paying a lot in marketing and branding to have positive reviews)... and also lacking of what you wrote on your post #2 : no "Chinese national elements" for the GEN-Z customers. Tough sell...

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